Services and Pricing Information


Midwife Fee...............$3200.00
Birth Center Fee .........$1700.00
Home Birth Fee...........$2000.00 
(there may be an additional travel fee for a home birth an hour or more away)

If the basic birth fee is not paid in full by your 36th week, the prepay discount will be revoked and there will an extra $500 added and  we  reserve the right to terminate your care.  If your care is transferred past 36 weeks, no refunds will be made for any reason.    

$500 of the birth fee is considered a nonrefundable deposit in the first trimester. 2nd trimester deposit is $750, and 3rd trimester deposit is $1000.  If your care is transferred to another provider for a medical reason before 36 weeks, you will be charged for each service that was rendered plus the deposit.  An itemized statement can be obtained upon request.  

The deposit is to be paid at the initial visit when the physical exam and lab work are done.  The remaining balance should be divided out into monthly payments so that a little is paid at every visit.  Of course, full payment can be made at anytime as well as balance paid off early.  A $100 discount will be given if paid in full at the first initial visit.   

The basic birth fee for birth center delivery and/or home birth includes the following:

~Standard prenatal exams at the birth center   

~Basic lab work-OB profile, 28 week iron & blood sugar test, strep-B test, & newborn screens

~Labor monitoring, birth, immediate postpartum up to 6 hours, newborn exam

~Postpartum & newborn visits done at 2-3 days after birth, 2 weeks, and 6-weeks.

~Six weeks exam including Pap smear and breast exam.  Baby weight check

~Midwife on call 24/7 or backup arrangement if unavailable.   

~Assistant to attend birth.  

As with most birthing centers... there is no physician on staff.  We do however have a consulting physician and two OB Gyns that gladly receive transfer of care if needed.

The basic birth fee does not include the following:

~Lab work required for unusual circumstances  

~Services provided that are not standard care such as expert suturing, consultations, etc.


~Birth kit