Did you know that a planned home birth is statistically safer?

Check out this report from the British Medical Journal on home birth safety


Home Birthing with a Midwife
Tina Rowe, CPM, LM

Why Birth Outside of a Hospital?

1.     Having a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere for labor and birth.

2.     Feeling the security and comfort of a familiar environment.

3.    Knowing that she is free to be herself throughout the whole process of giving birth, to do whatever she feels like doing, to move around as she wishes, to give birth in any position she chooses, and to make any noises that come spontaneously.

4.      Having no interventions at all, either high-tech obstetric ones, or others that are often done routinely in hospitals, such as artificial rupture of the membranes.

5.     Being able to labor without drugs of any kind, and to explore other ways of handling pain.

6.     Knowing that those caring for her are her guests rather than managers, and that they make decisions together, instead of having decisions imposed on her.

7.     Enjoying a relationship of equality with those caring for her.

8.     Having a midwife birth rather than an obstetric delivery.

9.     Sharing intimately with others who are close to her; enjoying the sense of loving community.

10.    Keeping the family together; having the other children there or close by.

11.  Avoiding an episiotomy and perhaps achieving an intact perineum.

12.   Never being separated from the baby.

13.   Having the kind nurturing after birth that is personal and intimate and very different from being in an institution.  

 My Services include:

1.     Complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum care

2.     Breastfeeding Support

3.     Well woman Care

A Regular hospital birth can cost over $10,000

References taken from Sheila Kitzinger’s book “Home Birth” Copyright 1991